legalisation, authentication and apostillisation1. Restaurants and Supermarkets
Restaurants remain closed, but supermarkets are open to sell essential goods.
2. Alcohol
Transportation is not allowed except for producing essential products such as hand sanitisers, disinfectants, soap.
3. Essential goods were expanded to include
Hardware, components and supplies needed for emergency repairs at homes or for any project related to the provision of water, electricity or other essential services.
4. Emergency Automotive Repairs
Are included as an essential service now, provided that it is to be used for vehicles used by persons engaged in essential services.
5. Trades now part of essential services
The following is now included in essential services: locksmiths, glaziers, roof repairers, plumbers, electricians
6. Children may be moved between parents
Provided certain conditions are met, which include:

• Having a court order;
• Where a parental responsibilities and right agreement or parenting plan with the family advocate is in existence.

The regulations also state that the above applies only if the household to which the child is moving does not contain a person who has contact with (or may have reasonably come into contact with) another person with Covid-19.

The parent or caregiver transporting the child must also have in his or her possession a copy of the above court order.
7. Call Centres
As an essential – those necessary to provide debt restructuring for consumers of retailers & those providing                  access to short-term insurance policies
8. Cargo at ports
May be exported and transported
9. Mines
Are now allowed to operate to a maximum of 50% of production capacity (normal production) but under the                 proviso that strict preventative health & transportation rules are applied
10. No residential evictions are permitted

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