condonationFor those who are not aware, the Animal By-Law which has recently sent shock waves through the Overberg region has recently been enforced. To the dismay of many individuals, individuals are required to register their dogs and pay tax per annum per dog. The reality is the By-Law has been there since 2008 for the Overberg region.

Furthermore, the City of Cape Town enacted the Animal By-law, 2011, which By-law repealed all the by-laws of all the areas within its jurisdiction prior thereto. Why the enforcement thereof is not being done more vigorously and consistently is for the municipalities to answer to. Interestingly, the By-law only applies to dog owners, but not to cat owners: Is this unfair discrimination? Something for the pundits to debate. Dog owners are required to register their dogs within four months of the date of birth, or within thirty days from acquiring the dog with the council and pay a license levy, this levy will vary depending on a resolution passed by the council. Where a person owns a higher number of dogs on their premises than prescribed, then such an owner must obtain a permit. It is worth visiting your local municipality to find out what the requirements are to avoid penalties.