In celebration of our 16th anniversary, we are supporting the National Wills Week 2023 between 11 and 15 September 2023. 

This initiative is part of our firm’s tradition of celebrating our birthday and highlights our dedication to community welfare.

This year, we aim to make a more significant impact and have partnered with Contracts4biz to offer an online alternative. So that more people can ensure that having a valid will facilitates the seamless transfer of assets, easing the process for family members during difficult times. Learn more by listening to this podcast:

National Wills Week underscores the importance of having a valid will in place. A well-crafted will not only dictate how assets are distributed but also ensures the well-being of minor children and minimizes potential family conflicts.

This week, we will offer complimentary will drafting services by appointment. Our experienced legal team will guide individuals through the process, empowering them to make informed decisions about their estates, secure their legacies and provide for their loved ones.

Booking Your Appointment: