One is legally obligated to report motor vehicle collisions in terms of the National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996. This is to be done within 24-hours of the accident occurring or by the end of the first working day following the collision. It is necessary for the driver involved to do so and may also be done by either a pedestrian or passenger involved in the collision.

Previously, this had to be done in person and it was recommended to do so at the Police Station closest to the scene of the collision, however that does not have to be the case anymore. With the implementation of lockdown those involved in collisions might find it difficult to report the collisions in person. The Road Traffic Management System has now launched an online portal where those involved in a collision may submit a report and obtain a crash report number for free. To report such a collision online, the incident has to meet certain requirements. Firstly, those involved in the collision cannot be injured or killed as a result of the accident (this includes hit and runs). Secondly, the collision has to involve less than 5 motor vehicles to qualify for online reporting. Where incidents do not meet these requirements, they are still to be reported to the nearest Police Station in person as soon as possible.

The benefit hereof is a quicker report and reference being generated for insurance purposes and will additionally allow for no physical exposure to Police Stations where there are health concerns, especially during these unprecedented times. The portal can be accessed at

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