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Good day. My name is Kavita Kooverjee. I am an attorney, and practices such at Schoeman Law Incorporated based in Cape Town, South Africa, where we proudly serve the legal needs of the entrepreneur.

Today I will be talking about the importance of social media policies in your business. So why does your company need a social media policy? Seems a bit tedious but it is so vital in today’s digital age. Not having one can bring an array of issues so rather be risk-free for the following reasons.

A social media policy will help you and your company know what you can and cannot post online as you and your employees are an extension of your company’s brand. As we often see, in instances where a company’s reputation is ruined due to an employee’s online activity, whether a post was made during working hours or not. A company can easily be seen in a negative light by allowing people who make racist or sexist remarks to work for them.

Over the past years, we have also seen people being dismissed for their online posts and activity. A social media guide will act as a guide to inform employees of your expectations for appropriate behaviour online and ensure that an employee’s posts or actions will not expose your company negatively or damage your company’s reputation. A social media policy not only maintains good relationships with your employees but also with your clients and customers.

A big plus to a social media policy is also help you and your employees think before you’re posting online, whether for your company or themselves. So if you’re ready to draft your social media policy contact us at Schoolman law.

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