We became aware today that SchoemanLaw Inc’s name is being used in the execution of fraudulent loan agreements purporting to be supported by Direct Axis. The sample received today is available here.

Categorically, we hereby wish to state and confirm that we have not agreed to any such arrangement and wish to alert members of the public that this is both fraudulent and unlawful. We also urge members of the public to be vigilant and not to partake in any of these agreements.

We are in the process of reporting this to SAPS and have already made the Cape Law Society aware.

We further urge members of the public to be aware of this, to warn anyone who may fall victim and to take note of the following indicators as indicative of fraud and scams of this nature:

  1. Errors in Firm name and logo;
  2. Incorrect contact details and physical address of the Firm;
  3. Mentioning persons not employed at the Firm as designated signatories for it; and
  4. Letterheads not mentioning the Firm registration number and name(s) of Directors.

Before acting on any request purportedly supported by SchoemanLaw or any other firm or institution, best to conduct research the accuracy of such records and making your own enquiries to establish authenticity.
We wish to thank the person(s) who brought this to our attention this morning. Thank you, together – by refusing to accept such unlawfulness and unethical behaviour, we contribute to the creation of a society we all desire and deserve!