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Why Choose a Retainer/ Subscription Services

Did you know that a court case can cost you R1000 0000, if not more, this is only on the legal costs, what about the lost time? The costs are unreal.

If you need a full suite of contracts you will spend around R150 000 over 6 months (in many instances longer).

Cost-Effective Solutions

No more worrying about unpredictable legal expenses. Our subscription services offer you budgetary predictability, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your legal needs.


Comprehensive Coverage

Our Mini, Light and Business retainers apply to any legal work offered by the firm save for notarial or conveyancing instructions and, therefore, including dispute resolution.  Our hybrid solutions do not include dispute resolution.

Dedicated Legal Support

Subscribers benefit from priority access to our team of experienced attorneys. We look at all possibilities to resolve legal issues. Receive prompt and personalised legal advice to address your concerns efficiently. We’re committed to providing you with the attention you deserve.

Flexible & Unrestricted

If the work is concluded faster than anticipated or your situation changes, we can cancel the retainer with a month’s notice. We will then compute and charge for the actual time spent plus the 1-month notice. You are therefore not tied in.

Seamless Transition Between Packages

Should the situation change and the nature of the support you need changes, we are happy to migrate you to a more suitable solution.

Do not delay awaiting for a spanner to hit the works

Flexible fee arrangements

Our customised packages ensure you get exactly what you need from our team when you need it. No surprise billing.

Quality Assurance

As one of the leading Legal Practise management firms. We effectively use the project management system to efficiently support our clients.

Technologically Driven

We bring the convenience of technology with a balanced human interaction to make sure you’re taken care of each step of the way.

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