We are honored to be a finalist in the Nedbank CapeTalk Business Accelerator 2018! If you missed us on air on 27 March 2018, click here.

The Nedbank Business Accelerator with CapeTalk helps successful, established entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level by giving them a platform to share their stories and insights on air. With a little help from business growth specialist Pavlo Phitidis, and South Africa’s most influential and resourceful audience, we’ll give you key insights on how to insulate your business from, or use external factors like technology; climate change; economic challenges (local and global); and the internet of things to accelerate your business beyond the toughest of challenges.

Our recently launched, SchoemanLaw SME Self- Service Desk TM gives Entrepreneurs access to trusted legal resources and empowers them to create sustainable businesses that are scalable.

The platform further addresses the need of effective management of individual needs, such as drafting your will, the management of crucial relationships in business, including employment relationships and contractors, as well as stakeholder relationships in the ecosystem, such as clients, debtors, shareholders, directors and joint ventures. It also allows the users access to personalised support in case of any unforeseen legal incident occurring. Supporting entrepreneurs to effectively establish legal foundations in their business for optimum growth and overall business success.