Access to speedy, reliable and affordable legal services is crucial to entrepreneurs. As attorneys, we are in the business of selling time and legal expertise, and obviously to make a decent profit in doing so. For years now, the public’s main objection with how attorneys provide legal solutions has been the time we need to complete tasks or the lack of planning. There is a clear disconnect between what we wish to achieve as attorneys and how the public views what we do and how do we it. So, how do we remedy this disconnect?

The fact is, if we don’t find a way to bridge the gap; legal solutions will not keep up with the fast pace of a modern business. If they cannot, the reality is that entrepreneurs will look elsewhere and that may result in them receiving poor legal solutions. This has an effect on the success of the business in the long run. This is a real risk which, statistically, is one of the main causes of business failure, particularly in the case of a start-up or SME.

Moreover, the other reality is that running an in-house legal department does not make much sense to many businesses, particularly because it is not a revenue generating expense.

So, what to do???