Do you look at your phone first thing in the morning to read the news or scroll through social media? The Internet is a quick, easy and effective source of information. Social media has become a vital part of our everyday lives; however, one must be careful when engaging on these public platforms.

What is a defamatory post? 

Defamation is when an individual makes a statement about another individual which will cause harm to the latter’s character, dignity or the individual’s good name. 

For example, posting insults, false accusations, confidential information about finances, professional accusations or any statement which negatively impacts the individual’s character. Political, professional or moral manner. It is essential to be wary of what you say when you are around people, and the same applies when you use social media as statements are open to the public to see. 

Some tips to keep in mind when you post on social media platforms:

Always think before you post anything on social media. Be mindful when posting a thought or an opinion; you could face legal consequences if you post something deemed harmful to another. 

When sharing any content and you present if it was your own, without permission from, and credit to, the creator, you are essentially stealing. This may result in legal action, and you could be found guilty of violating copyright law. 

If you share malicious content about your employer on social media, your employer can dismiss you as a breakdown in the working relationship could have taken place.

In the modern day of influencers, when brands have paid an influencer to advertise a product, the influencer must disclose this. Therefore, in any advertisement, the influencer needs to communicate that they have received the product and is required to make content advertising promoting such. This is usually done by adding a hashtag in a caption. Misleading the public could lead to serious trouble. 


In conclusion, while social media is an incredible modern-day tool for staying connected and keeping up with the latest trends, it is important always to be mindful of your posts. If you recklessly use social media, this could lead to serious legal consequences. 

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