Fadia Arnold is such a gem! I was dismissed unfairly and needed to appeal the dismissal. I had no legal representative to assist me as the lawyer that was assisting me before advised that he cannot help me further due to unforeseen circumstances. I was completely in panic mode as I had two days to appeal the outcome and fortunately because of Google and existing testimonials, I came across the reviews made about Fadia and I knew that I needed her as my lawyer.

She assisted me in a flash and just by talking to her, I felt so much better as you can hear that she is an expert in the field and can certainly cater for whichever approach that the client wants. She helped me draft my appeal and I was able to take comfort in knowing that she has my best interest at heart as she willingly assisted me after hours and even when on sick leave as her child was ill.

Such service is rare, considering that time was not on my side. Thank you so much and yes, do take up psychology at some point as you really have a way with people:)

Maria Gaoraelwe Marketing Coordinator One of the leading Retail companies

Fadia Arnold is absolutely brilliant. She came highly recommended by many different people and I was not sorry that I used her, she timeously assisted me, after hours which was going over and above the call of duty. I will recommend her in my professional circle. Her advice was sound and extremely professional.
She also provided advice to a young professional at the same time, which I commend her for.

Thank You Fadia.

anonymous Manager anonymous

I had the diving privilege of being assisted by Fadia Arnold, who responded swiftly to all my queries and gave immense resolution and clarity over the issues I am currently facing due to retrenchment resultant of Covid-19. I would recommend not only Schoeman Law to any who needs legal help, but specifically Fadia for any labour related matters. Thanks so much for all your help Fadia!

Sasha Gomes PR Manager Shimansky

My husband has recently, and very unexpectedly, required the assistance of a labour lawyer. This is a position that neither he nor I have ever found ourselves, and it has come as quite a shock. I am naturally a “worrier” and this experience has proved extremely stressful for me. As the person who is not directly involved in the labour-related issues, it is difficult to sit on the sidelines as it unfolds. I will be forever grateful to Fadia Arnold for the way she has handled this experience. From the moment she came on board, she has been professional, efficient and extremely dedicated. Knowing that we are both worried, she has been in constant communication with us to ensure we know what is going on and how to proceed. She went so far as to work on the weekend, while sick in bed with flu, in order to ensure an urgent correspondence could be sent as soon as possible in order to put our minds at ease. While the proceedings are ongoing I will remain anonymous, but will be sure to add my name to this testimony when all is completed. Thank you Fadia, you are an amazing asset to your company.

Anonymous Medical sales representative

Fadia was great at making me feel at ease over my legal matter and explaining all the options available to me. I felt like she went above and beyond to assist me.I am particularly impressed by her response time and her dedication to helping me navigate a complex situation. I will definitely recommend her services and continue to make use of them myself.


I would like to thank Fadia for the professional and urgency in which she handled my work matter with. Due to her excellent service and professionalism to my sensitive matter my employer and I were able to reach the best possible outcome.

I admire how she took the time to understand my problem to ensure the solution was tailored for me and my case.

I will Fadia recommend to anyone.

Mbali Mazibuko Investment banker

I recently appointed Ms. Fadia Arnold to act for me in a complex labour and commercial matter with a high-profile, international client. From the first consultation, Fadia has acted in an extremely professional, yet empathetic and reassuring manner. The matter in question is still ongoing, but I am confident that I am in good hands, and feel that my interests are being well represented by Fadia in particular, and Schoemans in general.


To whom it may concern

My former subordinate recently had an unfortunate labour dispute with her Employer (one of the largest investment banks in South Africa) and asked if I knew of any experienced labour law attorneys.

I immediately recommended Fadia Arnold of your offices as I have known her for more than a decade and she has assisted me in the past as well. I always recommend her for labour disputes as I view her as a subject matter expert within labour law.

Fadia takes great pride in assisting clients promptly and making them feel comfortable despite facing challenging times.

Thank you for assisting, your expertise is well worth the financial investment and I would recommend Fadia as always in future to anyone needing employment related assistance.

Thank you.

Kind Regards

Anonymous Investment Banker

The experience that I had with Fadia really gave myself and my mom who was experiencing a labour law issue real peace of mind. Not only did Fadia respond swiftly and give my mom excellent advice which really helped with a difficult and stressful issue but she was exceptionally personable and friendly, someone that you are able to build a long standing business relationship with.

I would highly recommend Schoeman Law for any legal issue that you may encounter!

Janelle Botha

I recently had brief telephone consultation with Fadia Arnold and her advice and professionalism were impeccable and I wanted to thank her formally for her advice, as it was not her specialty but she still took my call and assisted. I am deeply grateful and thankful. My company has used Fadia Arnold for many years for employment related disputes and we would recommend her to anyone with similar issues.

Monique Sales Executive

I needed urgent assistance with a lengthy and complex clause in my employment contract related to “restraint of trade”.

Within 7 hours of my initial request for assistance I had paid, scheduled and met with Fadia regarding my employment contract query. She provided valuable insights and a plan for moving forward. As a result of our meeting, I am much more confident that I can take the next steps in my career journey.

Anonymous Chartered Accountant

Fadia was great.

She helped me through a difficult time. She was always available and replied to my emails in an instant.

I would like to recommend her for any employment law matters


Frans van Heerden DrFGvH Consulting

The service was professional and feedback regularly. I always had the feeling that you were on top of my case! Thank you for keeping me well informed and for the fast transfer of property. I was really surprised.

Your service was not good; IT WAS EXCELLENT!

Stefan StassenReverend NG Church Meyerton

Never in my life have I felt this safe working with Schoeman Law Inc.
The attorneys made me feel safe, assured me that every matter was taken care of. I could call or email at any time with the smallest concern. They were very professional but above all, compassionate & empathetic towards there clients. They understood what I was going through & how I felt & ensured that I felt better having them deal with everything. They come highly recommended. Phenomenal services.


I want to thank you and your colleagues for your excellent service and the constant “can do” approach to satisfying customer needs. Your service, the quality, and the consistently pleasant and positive attitude. Those qualities make it an absolute pleasure to work with you. It’s nice to know that SchoemanLaw is a law firm i can always count on.

Again, thanks!

Thabang Sesele Director Mohloa Engineers

Access to affordable legal services for sme’s is very difficult to find. By using as digital web based interface they have solved a critical problem for clients and by offering reliable affordable legal service they have solved another pain point.

Judges Western Cape Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards 2019
Thank you so much for all your help in this regard, we would have suffered a great deal more financially without your knowledge and patient approach. I would be happy to recommend SchoemanLaw and Reenen Lombard to anyone at any time – please feel free to use this testimony for your company.

Belinda Frylinck Owner

It is an absolute pleasure speaking to Petrus Khumalo who is very helpful, explanatory, voice audible and always willing to go that extra mile.

Liz Brown Sales Executive Trilennium cc t/a Staff Training

wow…what to say??
Having been through an emotiuonal rollercoaster with work related issues, I turned to Helena and her team at SchoemanLaw Inc- not only did she provided me with sound advise, the service received was next to none.

I felt like I was working with a sympathetic and empathetic family member. Helena and the team where there for me through every step. Day and night- it was never too early ot too late for the to give me help and advise or just an ear to listen.

I would highly recommened SchoemanLaw Inc to anyone who finds themself in labour related issues at their employment.
I have referred friends and family and would refer anyone in a similar situation in a blink of an eye to contact SchoemanLaw for their expertise in legal advise.

Thank you SchoemanLaw Inc, Helena and Petrus for all your help guidance and support. Thank you for helping me get through an incredibly stressful situation.

kindest and most sincere regards,
Megan van Eeden

Megan van Eeden Medical sales Werkomed

Very impressed with the extensive advisory and legal services we received from SchoemanLaw. Helena was very helpful and insightful into helping us decide what we needed to start up our business. A very professional and effective team to work with!

Selwyn Roberts CEO Hungry Table CT

As a first time home buyer I ended up on the wrong side of the law. I end up signing 2 different OTP’s at the same time without fully understanding the contract clause. To my rescue Shannon intervene on the matter and at the end of the day all my confusion and frustration were gone.

Avhafunani IT Profesional BEDITA HOLDINGS

I would like to take this opportunity to thank both you and the professional team at SchoemanLaw Inc. for the high levels of service that you have delivered. We have consulted you on a diverse range of matters over the last couple of years and both you and your team have handled these in a professional and efficient manner. Your response to correspondence is quick and thorough and your advice has been invaluable.

I am able to recommend your firm without a moment’s hesitation.

Sandy de Wet Director Spacelabs

As a company committed to transformation, we worked closely with Mrs Schoeman-Louw and leveraged her invaluable expertise and guidance for our company. Coupling a deep understanding of both the law and the aspirations of the directors, SchoemanLaw lead and navigated us to achieve our legal goals. With patience, Mrs Schoeman-Louw clarified complex legal matters and applied the breadth of her knowledge to our particular situation. We received quality and expedited service on all of our issues with excellent support from the wider team at SchoemanLaw. Their responsiveness and dedication are commendable and sets them apart from others.

SchoemanLaw and Mrs Nicolene Schoeman-Louw always had our company’s best interests in mind and I would enthusiastically recommend them as an exceptionally competent and professional legal services provider.

Jaurez Dorfling Managing Director GEO Data Design (Pty) Ltd

My experience with you guys was outstandingly awesome. You guys are proper and accurate in everything you do.

Wiseman Ndlovu
You made it so simple for me to work with you. I have all my contracts in place that I need in my business, it was quick and fuss free. And when I needed some urgent guidance you guys were there for me. Thanks so much Nicolene and team!

Olivia Wallis Online Marketing Manager & Business Coacholiviawallis.com

Vuyiseka was an absolute pleasure to work with, being based in the Karoo I was very skeptical sending my only original copy to an unknown company based in another city (but I had not choice). She did an excellent job staying in touch and updating me on the progress and went above and beyond to make sure that my documents where safe, notarized and sent to their next destination. Thank you!


I am so impressed with the SchoemanLaw SME Self Service Desk! It is the first solution of its kind, created by legal entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs! It is an innovative, affordable, and professional online solution.

Legal documents can be so costly and often it is a barrier for Entrepreneurs to get the assistance they need. SchoemanLaw is the answer to this need. The website is user-friendly and there are training podcasts to take you through all the steps to create your own legal document. This solution caters for all your needs at a fraction of the cost. And of course, if you need further assistance, the firm has a panel of experts available to assist you, should you have any queries.

I highly recommend this service for all small to medium business that need a legal document to lay the foundation to grow their businesses.

Gwen Serrotti – CEO, XtraOrdinary Women

I was impressed with the professional manner in which my matter was dealt with and with the procedures that your company has in place [including all the automation] and will happily continue to refer clients to your practice.

Lynne Kimble

Arinda, I am at rest, very peaceful and happy for what you have done for me. Thank you to you and your firm.

Kanati Porogo

Congratulations on an incredible SME tool. Not only are the documents really easy to use but having listened to a couple of the podcasts, I feel like I’m getting that legal grounding that I’ve missed as an entrepreneur. I look forward to continued use of the self-service desk.

Janice Scheckter MD Indigo New Media (Pty) Ltd

Thank you for a job well done in partnering with WECBOF in providing a valued service to all of its members.

Gavin Hunter Director WECBOF

The services rendered to us were done so in a very professional manner. There was always consistent feedback, with e-mail and telephonic feedback always carried out comprehensively and timeously. The entire process of getting our ANC drafted, along with our wills, took a week (from initial consultation to signing of the documents), which for me was unexpectedly quick. I would definitely recommend SchoemanLaw Inc. to anyone who would ask me for a recommendation!

Matteo Angelucci Engineer

Working with SchoemanLaw was an absolute pleasure. From the first call with the receptionist who was efficient and blew our mind away with her professionalism, right through to drawing up our contract and signing it within a week, the process was seamless and a complete pleasure.

Denise Jackson & Jonathan Bosman

Every small business needs to be able to lean on good legal advise when entering into any agreements or contracts. Legal fees seem like something unreachable and very expensive to small businesses but as your business grows you need it, great package SME’s Schoeman Law Inc.

Tamburai Managing Director ONEOFEACH

It has taken me many years to realise one of my dreams. To have a legal firm be the in touch with the grassroot level as well as the SMMEs. Partnering with SchoemanLaw Inc, WECBOF will be setting a trend for all members of organisation to be able to afford the legal advise and much more at the most reasonable rates, but also have that human touch that SMMEs feel is not existing when talking about lawyers. Well done to both WECBOF and SchoemanLaw, i wish you both all the success in this journey.

Arifa Parkar CEOWECBOF

This service was an amazing help to me. It allowed me to, from the comfort of my own desk, create an employment contract with ease.

Barry Studio Manager Brandesign

This service was an amazing help to me. It allowed me to, from the comfort of my own desk, create an employment contract with ease.

Barry Studio Manager Brandesign

Thank you so much for your receptiveness, willingness to assist and professionalism.

Talitha Gympies

SchoemanLaw’s claim that there innovative and entrepreneurial mind-set sets them apart could not be more accurate. We have had multiple dealings with them over the past 12 months and each interaction has been refreshingly transparent, slick and professional. We have been extremely happy with each outcome and can definitely recommend them.

William Duk CEO Blue Willow Group

I just read your newsletter, and wanted to send my congratulations to Arinda and Lebohang! Congratulations on your achievements! All the best with what lies ahead!

And congratulations to SchoemanLaw for 10 years in business!! That’s a wonderful achievement. May you continue for many more years offering your excellent services to the people of South Africa and making a difference in this country of ours.

Megan Marais Online course designer

Thank you so much for your great service, we will definitely refer you to our friends.

Lindy & Cristian

Thank you very much for your support and professional assistance.

Martial Viot Adverteos Marketing and Consulting

I was assisted by Andrè Nortjè, whom I found to be a true gentleman and extremely helpful. The reception was friendly and professional. SCHOEMANLAW IS IN A CLASS OF IT’S OWN!

Debra Peters Founder Resourcefull

SchoemanLaw has provided our company with good service that lives up to their tagline

Tauric Saadien-Raad IT PM and HR manager Application Frameworks

I just want to thank you and your team at SchoemanLaw for the work done on my matter.

It is refreshing to be with a legal firm that has a holistic approach to legal matters pertaining to me and the legal entities I am responsible for.

I appreciate your assistance and the trust I can place in you more than words can say.

Margie Carr MD In Touch Outdoor

Thank you so much to SchoemanLaw staff/advocates – Arinda – for the professional way my case has been handled in 2016.

I am grateful for all meaningful milestones reached and lessons learnt so far.

Anonymous, Cape Town

We greatly appreciate your assistance and professionalism.

Nigel & Anisiah

Thank you for the awesome service that you have provided both myself & my wife, much appreciated.
We will certainly recommend people to you when they will need legal assistance from your boutique of legal services that SchoemanLaw offers.

God Bless, SchoemanLaw.

Denver Gordon Cape Town

I have engaged the services of Schoemanlaw Inc. on three occasions over the past few years on issues ranging from high executive corporate law to construction mis-management, and trust issues.

I have been impressed by firstly the firms overall operating structure to ensure that as a client, I was aware of exactly what the costs and implications of our engagement would be going forward. Secondly, the professionalism and integrity shown by Nicolene and the firm in how they approach any mandate given and especially Nicolene’ s extensive advice based in her ethical ethos made me conformable and trustful of her approach. It is this approach that has afforded me success in the issues she engaged with me on.

The transparency of how the firm operates and Nicolene’ s clear counsel and logical attention to detail, provided value over and above what I could have expected.

Robyn JacksonOwner The Business Couch

You and your team have made every effort to keep me informed with every step that took place. I am truly grateful for the professionalism and efficiency shown, even during your maternity leave Mrs Schoeman-Louw. I believe that your great leadership continues to show even when you are not there. Words can never express my appreciation for everyone who was and everyone who is still involved in this matter.

Mrs M Maake Retired

Thanks so much for all your assistance. You tackled issues for me in such a capable manner. On, lets call it the tricky matter – I was not sure that it would be possible to get a good result and you achieved it with very little pain to me. On the conveyancing matter, it was good to get your advice on matters above and beyond an attorneys usual scope of delivery.
I will certainly avail your services once again.

Rob Collett, Kloof

Thank you for your kind and warm welcome when I visited the firm it was highly appreciated!!

Anonymous, Cape Town

Thank you! I really appreciated your incredibly professional service, welcoming environment and overall fabulous service. I will most definitely recommend your firm!

Philippa Mitchell, Cape Town

Nicolene and Team,

Thank you so much !
We really appreciate the efficiency and professionalism we experienced with your company. The team really went the extra mile to accommodate us. Thank you very much!

Pat Pillay and Rodney Louw, Cape Town

You have been wonderful in replying and giving a very professional product.

Mokgatle Mokgatle, Cape Town

Last year I used Schoemanlaw Inc. for the transfer of my property when it was sold. I could not have wished for a more thorough service to be offered. From the weekly progress reports sent to both the purchaser’s attorney and myself to the informative advice given when it was required, it allowed a very challenging transfer to proceed as professionally and as quickly as it could.

There was never a moment when I felt alone or without information and sound advice. My son also used the firm to resolve a delicate business challenge and the entire matter was handled with professional courtesy and sound advice.

I have no hesitation in recommending this firm to anyone seeking legal support.

Yvonne Finch, Coaching and Mentoring Specialist, Facilitator and Business Strategist, Cape Town

Thank You so much for assisting me with this mater and thank you for your professionalism throughout the whole process much appreciated.
I have your business card, so in future when I need legal advice and legal service definitely you will be the 1st one I will contact.
Words can’t explain how much I feel about the judgment removal I am so happy , thank you , thank you , GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

Mpogola Edward Mojapelo, Cape Town

I wish to express my appreciation for the ongoing exceptional service we receive from Schoemanlaw Inc. Besides meticulous attention to detail, it is refreshing to experience their focused personal approach in identifying critical issues at hand as well as the consistent way in which each and every matter is professionally handled, with integrity, sensitivity and clarity. Their depth of knowledge and expertise in law, coupled with the capacity to provide for all our legal requirements, is deeply valued.

Robert Klynsmith, Cape Town

Thank you for making the drafting of our antenuptial contract and wills such a pleasant experience!

Anonymous couple, Cape Town

Thank you for your helpful, friendly and diligent service!

Linda, Goodwood, Cape Town

Informed, coherent and helpful. Just what we were looking for in an attorney!

Sigrid Kenmuir, Marketing Assistant, Cape Town

I met Ms Schoeman – Louw by referral of an acquaintance of mine in 2008, after my husband’s death. At that stage, I had never used the services of an attorney before and felt very overwhelmed by the situation. Schoemanlaw Inc. dealt with everything in a very diligent way, making this traumatic experience effortless for me.

I have since then, made use of Schoemanlaw Inc. services in a number of other matters and have only received friendly, professional and reliable advice from them. I have also referred many of my friends and colleagues to them!

What further sets them apart from other law firms is Ms Schoeman – Louw’s deep – seeded compassion for the community. She has become actively involved in our community by assisting our community aftercare project in its legal matters and personally invites members of our community to take advantage of the free services they render during National Wills Week every year.

I have realized that the passion, professional integrity and thoroughness with which they serve their clients are rare commodities. For this reason, I will recommend Schoemanlaw Inc. to anyone!

With thanks and appreciation,

Mrs M.A Fredericks (Anita), Seawind and Vrygrond Aftercare project.

We have worked for the past twenty-five years with almost every law firm in the Western Cape, and many from other areas, and in all that time have very seldom come across one with the work ethic, level of integrity and level of client service as Schoemanlaw Inc. Nicolene Schoeman – Louw and her staff work with a dedication to excellence that can only be described as just short of fanatical. I find it an honour to be associated with them.

Noel Pratten, Noel Pratten and Associates (legal consultants and private investigators), Cape Town

My fiancé and I approached Schoemanlaw Inc. for the drafting of our wills and antenuptial contract in April 2011. Ms Nicolene Schoeman – Louw at Schoemanlaw Inc. took the time and made the effort to thoroughly explain all the available options and the legal concepts to us – in both a friendly and easily understandable manner. This was a very pleasant experience for us, that we believe, has added immense value to our union. This, for us, is definitely the start of a long lasting relationship with Schoemanlaw Inc. We will without any doubt, recommend Schoemanlaw Inc. to any of our family and friends.

Quinton Schweni (SAPS) and Nachasa Joseph (law enforcement), Cape Town
Thank you so very much for settling our documents in such a speedy and professional manner. We really appreciate it!

Eva Dölitzsch-Tatzreither, Businesswoman and Writer, Cape Town

Schoemanlaw Inc. is an exceptional boutique law firm. They have been able to help me with drafting a will and they are also very competent in a wide variety of legal services, particularly for small and medium businesses. To me, it’s great to have a lawyer who is able to help me with all my legal requirements. Nicolene Schoeman – Louw has an extraordinary eye for detail and very high business ethic. I would leave my gun, wallet and keys with Nicolene for safekeeping without thinking twice and undoubtedly without any worries.

Ms Bregje Wijsenbeek, Deputy Director Women’s Hope Education and Training (WHEAT) Trust, Cape Town

Nicolene Schoeman – Louw’s professionalism and quest for the right service at the right time distinguishes her as an excellent support to our business. Her turnaround time iro the legal fraternity is unique, and critical to our business. What she promises, she delivers.

Dr Michèlle Booysen, Pètanque Consultancy (Pty) Ltd, Cape Town

The service received was excellent and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Schoemanlaw Inc. to all my friends and family. Thanks for the great service!

Ryan Richardson, Cape Town

We have used Schoemanlaw Inc. for the past year for debt collection and have found them pro-active, professional, reasonable and knowledgeable. As such we have no hesitation in recommending them. It is always been a pleasure to deal with them.

Carl Knight, Credit Intel, Johannesburg Credit Intel

I will without a doubt use or recommend Schoemanlaw Inc. again in future!

C Matthysen, Businessman, Cape Town

Nicolene was extremely helpful, professional and knowledgeable. She was also extremely patient in explaining the legal details in a manner that I could understand and was happy to continue the conversation until I understood. Thank you so much for your assistance.

Abigail Klopper, Abigail K Photography, Cape Town

WELL DONE TEAM SCHOEMAN! Your hard work, dedication and utter professionalism in my brother and sister in laws case has been brilliant and meant so much to us all!

Chirene Jelbert, Dole, Cape Town

Nicolene has an exceptional grasp of the law and works extremely hard in ensuring she is on top of what is happening to ensure clients obtain the best service. Nicolene is also an inspiring businesswoman to have built up her firm with the client loyalty, continued sustainable growth and professional service she offers. In my experience Schoemanlaw Inc. act promptly on requests, take a proactive rather than reactive approach and delve thoroughly into an issue to ensure they fully comprehend the issue at hand from all angles.

Claire McTaggart , Director of Recro Business Consulting, Cape Town

My original intention was to save this letter of appreciation until 12 of April, which is the “National Be Kind to Lawyers Day” in the USA. Nevertheless, I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation and thanks to you for your active participation and efforts put into the recent dilemma that I was having with the tenants living at my property in Cape Town. Please know that your skills and time spent on effectively facilitating this extremely sensitive situation, are highly valued and much appreciated. I have no doubt that things would have had a very different result, had you not advised and assisted me as you did. I truly appreciate your dedication to your profession and to us – your clients, and hope you recognise as I do the valuable role you play in society.

AJ Pillay, Johannesburg

Great service – very helpful and informative. Thank you.

Marina Fysh, Personal Assistant Cape Town

I am very fortunate to be associated with a professional outfit as yourselves. Thank you. I have only met with diligent service delivery from your offices and have no doubt that your brief to counsel has been a testimony of precision and completeness.

Advocate Grant Smith, Member the Cape Bar